240788 Happy birthday Han Seung Yeon

2 more days until Han Seung Yeon’s birthday // Solo Stage

Why am I standing on this road?
 Is this path really destined for me?
   Would my dreams come true at the end of this road?

I wanna say with confidence that this
 path is the right direction I’m heading 
  I do not want to look back, I want no regret 

Just keep walking towards the end.



[GIFS] MBC Jang Bo Ri Is Here Ep 29 - Seungyeon 

4 more days until Han Seung Yeon’s birthday // With Gyuri

gyuri + seungyeon latest photoshoots

Snow White, and the 7 dwarfs that didn’t want to save her 


[SCAN] Gyuri & Seungyeon for CeCi August 2014 Issue by Binoo

Dear Benedict, 

we hope you will have a fantastic day and a fantastic year and please stay the way you are.
Thank you so much,